Disposable - Skwezed 5k - Waki Berry Blast (10/Pack)

Flavors: Watermelon / Kiwi / Acai

BLAST off into a flavor-filled world with Skwezed’s 5K Disposable, Waki Berry Blast! This bold blend of fruits and flavors sends individuals directly into a berry-bliss state of mind. As the crisp flavors of watermelon, kiwi, and acai come together, an explosion of flavors occurs, making the experience incredible for individuals from start to finish. Thanks to the 5K capacity of this disposable device, the mouthwatering taste of Waki Berry Blast is sure to linger and leave behind a long-lasting impression that’s sure to keep users coming back for more. Skwezed’s Waki Berry Blast is sort of a vacation but for the tastebuds!

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