30ml - Skwezed Ice Salt Mix - Watermelon White Grape ICE

Walk into an (iced) Watermelon & White Grape Wonderland with Skwezed's Iced e-juice! The light, crisp flavor of white grape & familiar flavor of watermelon have been combined with a subtle frosty chill to give an exquisite e-juice taste that only Skwezed has. As an individual exhales, a familiar frosty chill washes over, creating a light tingle in the throat and chest before leaving behind the mouthwatering tastes of both Watermelon & White Grape. The aromatic freshness of both fruits envelop the individual into their own frosty, tropical oasis. Experience an icy oasis with Skwezed's Iced Watermelon & White Grape.

Blend: 50vg/50pg

Nicotine strength: 25mg, 50mg

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