Blankers ICE 10ML Kit (5/Pack)

With Blankers, take a step away from disposables, and step into a world of vaping possibilities! Blankers is a refillable and rechargeable device that features a clear tank, with over 10K puff count in each starter kit! But the puff counts doesn’t end there for the device, because it is designed to outlast the 10ml bottle of liquid it comes with. Simply refill, recharge, and rediscover your new favorite flavors - don’t limit yourself to e-juice from just one brand, mix and match with endless possibilities!


First partnering with Skwezed, known for their award-winning flavors, each pack comes with a Blankers device and a 10ml bottle of Skwezed Salt Nic E-Liquid. Choose from their delicious flavors that taste just like it: Maui Gold (Pineapple), Kiberry (Kiwi Strawberry), Mellow Dew (Honeydew), and Blue Blast (Blue Raspberry)!

Maui Gold (Pineapple) - A tropical vacation exists in your pocket with Maui Gold! Inhale and find yourself immersed in a tropical paradise, with a subtly sweet and tart flavor profile of ripe pineapples!

Kiberry (Kiwi Strawberry) - Fruity bliss is one puff away with the subtle tangy flavor of kiwi perfectly balanced out by the sweetness of strawberry, resulting in the classic, refreshing flavor of Kiberry!

Mellow Dew (Honeydew) - Mellow Dew offers a sweet sensation with a subtle fruity and honey-like aroma! On first inhale, savor the taste of crisp honeydew, just like taking a bite out of the real thing!

Blue Blast (Blue Raspberry) - Blast off into a world of sweet, candy-like bliss with Blue Blast! This fan favorite flavor tastes as explosive as it sounds, with a delicious flavor profile of blue raspberry!

Blend: 50vg/50pg
Strength: 25mg
Clear Tank With Visible E-Liquid Levels
USB-C Rechargeable Port
Device and 10ml E-Liquid Bottle Included

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